Some of my icons

  • Mary with child
  • The Christ
  • Maria Magdalena
  • Maria Oranta
  • The painting of icons has now become part of my everyday life.

    After an operation for breastcancer in 2002 - my life has changed totally. I decided that from now on I would concentrate on things I really liked to do - and I was introduced to the art of iconpainting by Sister Abraham from Jerusalem.

    I did not even imagine that I would be so taken with iconpainting and surely not that other people also like my icons!

    My icons are not always true copies of the original ones.Many of them I have drawn myself as I have learnt by Aidan(in Shrewsbury) and Alexander (at Valamo)- but I do hope they are always expressing forgiveness - peace - and love.

    I would be extremely happy if I would succeed in this one day...

    I am so grateful for having already sold many of my icons.
    I have also painted an icon (Maria Eleousa) for the church of Dragsmark in Sweden and for the Danish Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine (St. Knud).
    5 years ago I went to the Valamo Convent in Finland and spent 14 days learning to paint in egg tempera. This was a wonderful time for me and I learnt so much!

    In 2008 I was lucky to join an iconpainting class with Aidan Hart in Shrewsbury - this was great!! He is one of the best iconpainters in Europe.
    4 years ago I went to Larissa in Greece to attend iconpainting by Theodoros Papadopoulos and my recent teacher - and probably the best, was Radoslav Hristov in Sofia, Bulgaria. If you are interested in buying any of my icons please contact me tlf. o45 4010 6630 or e-mail

    The price starts at 1500 danish kr.

    Mary with child Jesus

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    Eg tempera on wooden panel. 22 carat gold. Size:21 x 26 cm.

    Eg tempera on wooden panel. 22 carat gold. Size:21 x 26 cm.


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    The Christ icon from St. Katharina's monastery in Sinai
    egg tempera on wooden panel. 22 carat gold. Size:20 x 32 cm.

    Mother of God of the Apocalypse

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    Maria egg tempera on wooden panel. 22 carat gold. Size:26 x 18,5 cm.

    Maria Magdalena

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    Maria Magdalena
    Maria egg tempera on wooden panel. Size:19 x 27 cm.

    Maria Oranta

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    Maria Oranta
    Maria Oranta Egg tempera on wooden panel. 22 carat gold. Size:19 x 27 cm.